This site is home to the official MPAndroidChart documentation. In addition to that, it provides access to coding related video tutorials and blog posts.


My name is Philipp Jahoda and I am responsible for the majority of content on this site. By profession, I am a software developer mostly working with Java and Swift, more recently (since 2017) also with Kotlin. Android & iOS development has been my daily focus since 2011 and I also have professional experience with backend development and databases (Spring, MongoDb). I thrive to write clean code and to always stay updated on changes in the industry.

Tech experience

  • Kotlin (since 2017)
    Backend development with Spring, Android
  • MongoDB (since 2016), JavaScript
    Backend development (created a scalable database solution for a live production system including replication, SSL, …)
  • Swift (since 2014)
    iOS & Catalyst (Mac) development
  • Java (since 2011)
    Android, Swing, Backend development with Spring
  • C#, C++
    Occasionally used (created a C++ server application in 2013, capable of transferring data between multiple game clients)
  • Git
    Worked with Git almost my entire tech career, active on GitHub
  • Docker
    Creating & deploying server applications via Docker containers

Other experience

  • Experienced lecturer
    Held multiple university lectures about software development and project management
  • Skilled presenter
    Partly due to lecturing, also being a startup founder involves a lot of pitching
  • Leadership
    Managed an agile team of multiple developers as CTO, Sprint planning, JIRA issue tracking


Recent projects

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