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My name is Philipp Jahoda and I am responsible for the majority of content on this site. By profession, I am an entrepreneur and software developer mostly working with Java and Swift, more recently (since 2017) also with Kotlin. Android & iOS development has been my daily focus since 2011 and I also have professional experience with backend development and databases (Spring, MongoDb). I thrive to write clean code and to always stay updated on changes in the industry, furthermore, I am an avid contributor to the open source community, my work can be viewed on GitHub. If you would like to get in touch you can message me on Twitter or use the links below.

Tech experience

  • React (since 2020)
    Web development using React JS, Mobile development using React Native
  • Kotlin (since 2017)
    Backend development with Spring, Android
  • MongoDB (since 2016), JavaScript
    Backend development (created a scalable database solution for a live production system including replication, SSL, …)
  • Swift (since 2014)
    iOS & Catalyst (Mac) development
  • Java (since 2011)
    Android, Swing, Backend development with Spring
  • Angular
    Frontend development (TypeScript), created an Angular application with Spring powered backend & MongoDB database, Spring Angular showcase, created a platform for selling coupons with Stripe
  • Python
    Created a terminal application available via Homebrew, stores and executes frequently used commands (including SQL database)
  • C#, C++
    Occasionally used (created a C++ server application in 2013, capable of transferring data between multiple game clients)
  • Git
    Worked with Git almost my entire tech career, active on GitHub
  • Docker
    Creating & deploying server applications via Docker containers, worked with docker compose to manage multiple containers

Other experience

  • Experienced lecturer
    Held multiple university lectures about software development and project management
  • Skilled presenter
    Partly due to lecturing, also being a startup founder involves a lot of pitching
  • Workshops
    Held on-site workshops in the context of productivity, time management and self improvement
  • Leadership
    Managed an agile team of multiple developers as CTO, Sprint planning, JIRA issue tracking
  • Entrepreneur
    Co-Founded international startups in Austria & Denmark

Software Development Company

I currently work full time at my own software development company. If you are interested in our services, please visit


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