This wiki entry focuses on the subclasses of the ChartData class.
All other subclasses of ChartData not mentioned here do not provide any specific enhancements.

BarData (class BarData)

  • setGroupSpace(float percent): Sets the space between groups of bars of different datasets in percent of the total width of one bar. 100 = space is exactly one bar width, default: 80
  • isGrouped(): Returns true if this data object is grouped (consists of more than 1 DataSet), false if it is not.

ScatterData (class ScatterData)

  • getGreatestShapeSize(): Returns the largest shape-size across all ScatterDataSets this data object contains.

PieData (class PieData)

  • getDataSet(): Returns the PieDataSet object that is set for this data object. PieData objects cannot contain multiple PieDataSets.
  • setDataSet(PieDataSet set): Sets the PieDataSet this data object should represent.

BubbleData (class BubbleData)

  • setHighlightCircleWidth(float width): Sets the width of the circle that surrounds the bubble when in highlighted state for all BubbleDataSet objects this data object contains, in dp.

CombinedData (class CombinedData)

This data object is designed to contain instances of all other data objects. Use the setData(...) methods to provide the data for this object. This is used for the CombinedChart only.

This is what it looks like internally:

public class CombinedData extends ChartData {

    // ...

    public CombinedData(List<String> xVals) { ... }

    public CombinedData(String[] xVals) { ... }

    public void setData(LineData data) { ... }

    public void setData(BarData data) { ... }

    public void setData(ScatterData data) { ... }

    public void setData(CandleData data) { ... }

    // ...