The DataSet class is the baseclass of all data-set classes (subclasses), like LineDataSet, BarDataSet, … and so on.

public class LineDataSet extends DataSet { ...

The DataSet class represents one group or type of entries (Entry) in the Chart that belong together. It is designed to logically separate different groups of values inside the Chart (e.g. the values for a specific line in the LineChart, or the values of a specific group of bars in the BarChart).

The following mentioned methods are implemented in the DataSet class and can therefore be used for all subclasses.

Styling data

  • setValueTextColor(int color): Sets the color of the value-text (color in which the value-labels are drawn) for this DataSet object.
  • setValueTextColors(List<Integer> colors): Sets a list of colors to be used as value colors.
  • setValueTextSize(float size): Sets the size (in dp) of the value-text for this DataSet object.
  • setValueTypeface(Typeface tf): Sets the Typeface for all value-labels for this DataSet object.
  • setValueFormatter(ValueFormatter f): Sets a custom ValueFormatter for this DataSet object, more on the ValueFormatter here.
  • setDrawValues(boolean enabled): Enables / disables drawing values (value-text) for this DataSet object.

If all values in your whole data object (not data-set) should e.g. have the same color, you can simply call one of the above mentioned on the ChartData object.


  • setHighlightEnabled(boolean enabled): Set this to true to allow highlighting via touch for this specific DataSet.
  • setDrawVerticalHighlightIndicator(boolean enabled): Enables / disables the vertical highlight-indicator-line. If disabled, the indicator is not drawn.
  • setDrawHorizontalHighlightIndicator(boolean enabled): Enables / disables the horizontal highlight-indicator-line. If disabled, the indicator is not drawn.

Getters / Convenience

  • contains(Entry entry): Checks if this DataSet object contains the specified Entry. Returns true if so, false if not. NOTE: Performance is pretty bad on this one, do not over-use in performance critical situations.